NOTICE: Due to medical and other reasons, the event scheduled for May 19, 2019 is being postponed. We appreciate your support and will update you when a new date is scheduled. All tickets previously purchased are in the process of being fully refunded. For any questions, please contact


Celebrating the CD release of Suburban Gypsy: The Becoming
Sunday, May 19, 2019, Creative Life Center, Sedona, AZ

Suburban Gypsy: The Becoming is a special collection of original music that is a sonic accompaniment to the first novel in Leigh Hazelbaker’s forthcoming Suburban Gypsy trilogy. Hazelbaker collaborated with multi-platinum, award-winning Nashville singer-songwriter Jill Colucci and world musician Poranguí to chart the arc of the extraordinary story told in Hazelbaker’s debut novel. Both artists will perform live to co-create a sacred journey in its own right on the night.


Colucci was once described by modern mystic Caroline Myss as “the holy, magical troubadour whose voice awakens the soul.” Sedona local Poranguí, meanwhile, weaves ancestral songs, healing, and ceremony to evoke both the primal and the transcendent. Their sounds are distinct yet complementary, in the same way that Hazelbaker’s suburban protagonist, Ellie Walker, is forced to reconcile her heart’s deepest yearnings with the otherworldly callings of shamanic medicines. This harmonization finds its expression in Sedona visionary artist Cher Lyn’s soul painting of Ellie on the CD cover.


The revolutionary addiction-treatment center, The Sanctuary at Sedona, is the real-life hub around which Hazelbaker’s first novel turns. Danny’s brush with death drives Ellie deep into the world of energy medicine, guided by The Sanctuary’s protocol, where her preoccupation with social status is confronted by the status-shattering work of shamanism. Our May 19 event is not so much art imitating life, as art and life woven together in a ceremony that breaks down all barriers: between suburbia and a soul’s calling; trauma, addiction and transformational recovery; between the ordinary and the extraordinary.

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Suburban Gypsy

Proceeds from this event will go to The Ayni Fund, a 501(C)3 that financially supports people in need of breaking the vicious cycle of addiction – for good – through customized programs at The Sanctuary: a pioneering integrative recovery and trauma healing center located outside Sedona, Arizona. The Sanctuary at Sedona is shifting the old paradigm of “recovery” around a new definition of successful treatment: “Ours is not the road to a lifetime in recovery, ours is the road to being recovered, for a lifetime.”