About Leigh Hazelbaker

Leigh Hazelbaker’s life is a testament to how a clash of cultures can break the suburbanite mould. Drawing from a rich well of personal experience, her debut novel, Secrets of a Suburban Gypsy, pulls back the veil on the otherworldly stirrings of shamanism and sacred energy medicine and their role in reinventing the roles of mother, wife, daughter, and lover in the heart of suburbia itself.


Based in Naples, FL, with four grown children, Hazelbaker’s creative home is Sedona, AZ, where she formed a co-writing partnership with Nashville’s hit singer and songwriter Jill Colucci and collaborated with Sedona-based world musician Poranguí. The result is a CD of original music that traces the same story arc of spiritual intervention in a cross-pollination of song and word.

Leigh Hazelbaker

Healing a generation


Like her fictional protagonist, Hazelbaker’s suburban shackles were only broken following a wake-up call of near tragedy. Secrets of a Suburban Gypsy is the first of a trilogy of novels that bridge the seen and the unseen worlds to uncover the root cause of a fractured family. She is now a passionate advocate for harnessing family crisis as an opportunity for inter-generational healing and improving relationships bound by the wounds of the past.


In the language of the sacred arts, this is Hazelbaker’s medicine.